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Watch the Zimmerman trial on livestream with commentary from a local station in Sanford.

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I believe trayvon was yelling for his life that rainy night, GZ had his back up, his gun, right there by his side.

@ nancy barrett

To mbrowusa what gives you the right to label this man as a "thug"? You don't know him nor have you ever met him. I hope and pray that you don't have kids and if you do? May GOD have mercy on all of them and direct them in a way where they don't run into someone whose trigger happen! ROT IN HELL ZIMMERMAN! DIE OF SLOW PAINFUL DEATH!


No matter what the outcome of this trial is, GZ will never be a free man. He's alreay crazy and by the time he finish running and hiding, he'll end up in some mental institution where hebelongs. The pic of him and his wife both look psychotic. And certainly on the tapes, you can tell he's a power freak and tells her exactly what she can and cannot do.


George Zimmerman clearly stated on the jail tapes that he takes 3 psychotropic meds, if anybody was wild and alouf and uner the influence, it would have been GZ.

@ jwilliams66



When i listened to the tape of the 911 call then listen to how he was talking on the jailhouse taping Is unbelievable.I don't think he could get that loud then I don't trust a word he says because of that money situation why sneak and if you didn't have anything to hide why was you limited to what to discuss on the jails phone?If Zimmerman didn't follow Travon he would be alive today...

@ Melinda

because anything you say on the phone is record and can be used against you


@Defense attorney how could you have a defense by Zimmerman following then killing that young man?No way!I want to know,did I miss something?What's the definition of "neighborhood watch"?My definition is to watch and report to the police not watch follow and kill...I mean really unjustified point blank period


Welcome to America. The greatest nation on earth.


If someone beats your head onto cement over 10 times, you would loose consciousness and you would have more than 2 small cuts and an overflow of blood. So how can you scream loud over and over and the retrieve your gun and shoot. Immediately afterwards you're able to give full details with energy and stand straight for a photoshoot. Sandford, everyone in America is not crazy, you all are Murder accomplices.


Even if it took 3 to 10 minutes to die after being shot in the chest, no one is that tuff to state "you got me" and then fall backwards. Everyone on their Investigation team should be investigated for tampering with evidence and believing a fairytale story. This is not the movies, its real life and George Zimmerman is a murderer. Sandford what happens when he kills again, wakeup this is only the beginning because Zimmerman is heartless and he will strike again. Murderer


JESUS DON, that's how medicine works. You learn from experiences and read other case studies. Just because he has no personal experience or publications does not mean he doesn't know what he is doing.


In my life whether the person was black,white, spanish never have I saw someone become aggressive due to Marijuana, now crack or coke is a different story. A very small amount of Marijuana not coke/crack was "found" in Trayvon's system... aggressive I think not, hungry,sleepy and even relaxed is more likely to result from Marijuana when smoked. HE WAS MURDERED PLAIN AND SIMPLE.

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