Little Boy Ridiculed For Wearing Headband at Walmart

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Katie Vyktoriah took her two-year-old son to a Walmart wearing a pink headband. What happened afterwards was disturbing.

That's crazy. I see kids all the time and I'd never think anything about a young boy, a grown boy, any boy wearing a pink headband. Who cares?? Get a grip, society. Not everyone fits into the stereotypical boxes of "boy" and "girl". If that man had touched my kid, he would have lost his arm.


Your videos never work, please fix this problem.


The man shouldn't have put his hands on her child but at the same time she should have expected some rude comments.
He is a boy wearing a pink head band, she can't expect all people to be nice.

@ Leeann

No she shouldn't have to expect anything as long as she is raising her child to be a respectable productive person in society who cares


Whats the problem?? This is America we have freedom to express our opinions. She'll probably sue WalMart,that's the new American way!


Well.... Can't have everything.... Should of just gone to Target.....

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