In the movie Little Ashes, Robert Pattinson gets up close and very personal with another guy. This is as far removed from Twilight as you can get.

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I understand that hi's acting but GOD why does it look so bad :D This scene was so unexpected, I totally shocked! Go Rob


Remember he is only acting. Also, you might notice that his role of Salvador Dali does not seem to really do this.


While I cant understand the desire to play a role like that (little ashes) I am also not an actor. I personally dont ever want to see Rob Pattinson kissing dudes! I'll save my eyes for that beautiful smile and blues eyes in all the other films though. Regardless, I think he is a great actor and musician and since he is also a person should have some right to decide on which films he wants to play in. And for that matter, I feel bad the poor guy cant walk down the street without his personal space being invaded with undesireable hugs and such like he has no rights! It makes the fans just look pathetic.....and psycho.




o my word Robert i can not believe my damn eyes you as a "MAN" and a child of God should not be kissing a freaken man siss that is not right at all you should really not do things like that even if it is your WORK i am talking about "little ashes"

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