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House star Lisa Edelstein directly calls out the Republican party in this ad. She says the GOP has "launched an all out assault on women's health."

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"What a joke every time I hear that these women are fighting for Womens Health I know that they want unlimited abortions as if pregnancy is a disease." I agree with you totally on that Gio! My friends think that in cases of rape it would be usable (I'm kinda iffy on that because usually an abortion happens and the father still gets away with raping other women), but they also say if they have sex for fun and they get pregnant, it's their own fault and they have to deal with the consequences. And the ad is too over dramatic as well. The coat hanger, the 50's clothing thinking that we're "moving backwards" persay, it was extremely disturbing.


This is always a heated issue. I think the point was to stress that Republicans are voting to remove the coverage from insurance companies that would help women pay for this. The commercial is a little radical with the coat hanger back alley abortion crap. It might have been more appropriate to have a commercial with her just talking about the proposed legislation instead of being so melodramatic. There are lots of uninsuraed women that this would not even apply to. Actors always want to blow their horns on both sides of the tracks. But I never make my decisions on life from pretentious glammed celebrities. I'm sure if this actress were in just the first year of her show instead of the last year, she would have never done it, because the show would have probably found a reason to fire her. And I CHOOSE to make my own decisions without being judged by anyone else.


What you stupid fucks don't understand is that a pregnancy that has been aborted is one less person that ends up born to someone that didn't want them, doesn't care what happens to them, and wishes it hadn't ruined her life. Why should she have to carry it to full term for someone else's benefit, one of you sanctimonious idiots could step up and start spawning if you're worried about there not being enough people in the world.


Well aren't you just a saint Christie. Not everyone can be as perfect as you.


What a joke every time I hear that these women are fighting for Womens Health I know that they want unlimited abortions as if pregnancy is a disease. Maybe if abortion had not been legal all these years the children that could have been born would be contributing wonderful human beings alive today. Just because she is an actress doesn't mean she has any sense!!


the "i" after abortion is supposed to be "is".


i totally agree with u christie!! i personally believe abortion i like murder. the baby has a right to live a really good life. if u don't want to take care of the kid, give another couple who would gladly take care of the child.


Why don't they just give it up for adoption instead of kill something that could've had a happy life. This commercial is pathetic. No one HAS to get a back alley abortion. I have personally been raped and been pregnant from it and chose to give it up, so no one can say that I don't understand.

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