Linda Perry Rags on Katy Perry

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Linda Perry of 4 Non Blondes fame discusses her namesake Katy Perry. Not in the most flattering light, either.
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dirty version would be a bad acpleala in which you can hear the music, in that case, that would mean the actual song.Alcapella is just a music term for, basically, just the vocals.By clean, they mean you mostly hear clean vocals (albeit some distortion), without hearing the actual music.It is editing after all.This is pretty good.


that Telephone was this commentary on American pop cluutre, she wanted to misconstrued the concept of what a pop video is supposed to be. She stated various times that she wanted all the product placements as to say that people always see it in video. She did the MJ reference because you ALWAYS see a reference of MJ in almost all pop videos. She was shaking her bum in front of the Pussy Wagon because when rappers make videos they have some hot girl shaking her ass in front of a huge muscle car. Brit's video I have no idea. And Gaga didn't even get paid for half of those product placements. Its just you people are unwilling to read beyond the lines or visuals of what is presented to you.


Who cares about Linda Perry! KAty Perry has 5 number ones from one album not just 2. And in one of the Boys at least 5 of those songs were phenomenal. Katy perry is amazing and she is great no one cares about Linda Perry...Who are you?

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