Lil Reese Assaults a Woman

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Rapper Lil Reese is caught on tape here beating up a woman. He says he is not sorry for the incident.
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What a poor excuse of a man. No man should ever hit a women. His new name should be women beater. He officially took the title from chris brown.

Tre james

funny af, she should comme df down.

@ Tre James

Funny af! I'm glad you think so. What if that was your mom. I'm sure if it was you maybe would just cover your you are now ha ha now that's funny af.


With all those people in that house. They all stood around and watch this punk beat up on that woman.


He should be dropped from that record label. Old video or not, only a bit&h hits a woman. What a pu$$y! Why didnt one of those other looser guys man up and defend her. Next time, go for the nuts girl. Drop him to his knees.

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