LeAnn Rimes and Carly Rose Sonenclar - How Do I Live

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LeAnn Rimes and Carly Rose Sonenclar perform the former's hit song "How Do I Live" on The X Factor.
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LeAnn sucks but she didn't seem drunk to me a little over the top but not drunk, the girl was sure looking at her weird.


I thought leann did great. she has the same beautiful and powerful voice that she's always had. carly rose was good too but honestly, leann put her to shame! I understand that she's only 13 but leann started in the business at that age and was PHENOMINAL -better than carly is now. anyways, leann's performance was fine IMO.

@ lindsay

No argument there.. LeAnn did sound amazing, but entered all phrases and transitions a tad late, which I think threw Carly off. Maybe LeAnn did it to be "artsy", but she doesn't even come close to the technical skills of Carly.


nice song


Carly is okay for a 13 year old. I agree with Will Shea that Leann Rimes is over-rated.


LeAnn didn't look drunk to me, she is just amazingly over-rated. C'mon, the 13 year old was Great.....for a 13 year old. X-Factor is fixed, just like every other reality show on TV. Wake Up America!


It is a shame, my favorite singer Carly Rose Sonenclar got Robbed!!! She was by far the best Singer on the X Factor and I blame Mr. Cowell for her Loss, it was obvious that Mr. Cowell wanted his Girls to Win or the Gentleman... Too bad... No matter Carly Rose is already a Star and she is going to be become Famous as a Singer and Actress... Count on it...


Carly Rose is amazing for a 13 year old, but she nonetheless has a weak, unrecognizable voice compared to most famous female singers, and she tends to sing a little bit flat almost all the time.

@ Guy

You've got to be kidding...CRS has a tremendous voice, especially for a 13 yr. old...she hardly sings flat...EVER. This duo was a mess, though.

@ Herbie

That duo was horrible!! CRS should have sang that alone!! Don't get me wrong i do love LeAnn Rimes but I would have preferred Celine Dion as a choice due to the high pitch vocals of the two!!


Leann was acting like she had to over power this poor girl and totally screwed up carlys performance i believe she should have won leann made a great performance uncomfortable for carly.

@ kevin Cano

You could see the disappointment in CRS face as the two were performing!!! She was looking upset at one point as while LeAnn was singing!


LeAnn Rimes sounds terrible, she looks so uncomfortable and looks so in trouble, she looks like either she is had a few drinks or had some drugs before going to stage. She sounds so messed up when doing duet with Carly. It is better to just let Carly sings alone. Having LeAnn Rime on stage is a very wrong move!!


I don't know if Rimes was inebriated or not; at this point in time no one does. But I have seen her perform enough to realize her performance on X Factor was a complete mess and very much out of character for a singer of her caliber. She had to talk herself down the few steps in the beginning. That is not normal behavior for most and certainly not for her. It was kinda sad, really, She is an incredible talent. I hope she defeats whatever demons she is facing.

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