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Law & Order: SVU takes on the Rihanna and Chris Brown scandal in its new promo. Pretty amazing.

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It's about time! I was wondering when they would do an episode about it... They always do something about mainstream media... Such as:
"Subterranean Homeboy Blues," was inspired by the Subway Gunman "Out of the Half-Light" was inspired by an alleged assault on a young African-American woman Former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer became fodder for "Excalibur" "Selfish" mirrored the blockbuster Casey Anthony trial..
"Who let The Dogs Out" detailed the death of woman who had been mauled by neighbor's dogs
Remember that lacrosse woman player malled by her neighbours dogs? "Remand" portrayed the outcome of the Bystander Effect
Genevieve something was stabbed to death on the streets while people watched... no one called the cops, one person even shouted keep your voices down people are trying to sleep... Anywho I'm so watching that episode... but then again i'm a huge fan :D

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