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Larissa Aurora, Flavor of Love Girl, speaks out on Flavor Flav. Oddly enough, she says she never found him attractive.

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Hey Larissa i just wanted to tell you thank you for being the good mother and wife . Tell your mom & family that i said hey!!!! im one of your fans !!!!!


Hey larissa aka Bootz you know that your my girl!!!!! No mater what nobody says i think that you a very honest person period! 4 get those haters they just hating you have the power and they dont so i tell like it is . I'm 21 years i wacted the show when i was a teenager i like you a lot im glad you whipped that bitch New Yorks ass she deserve!!!! So i keep in contact with you LOVE YA BABY GIRLY!!!!!!!!


Hey Larissa this Kia aka Pooh i was wondering would you be able 2 start your on reality show? you make a great sucess you reall will i love you! You one of the most hot girls on national Television in the whole history period. I dont care what nobody says I think you're amazing person. Im glad Flavor of Flav is not your man cause you deserve a lot of a better man . He is not your type. I heard that you having a nd child in the way im very pround you cause you turned my life around!


what color are your nipples on your brest


Personally, i have nothing against Larissa but to be quite honest Mrs. Amalia who claims to be Larissa's aunt, your niece is making her money by possing nude and exploiting her precious god giving body to the world! She is also entertaining the quote on quote "haters" and others who aren't hating on her a bitter taste of her immoral, ignorant, cocky personality! Seems to me that you along with those who admire Larissa for whom she appears to be a brightless, senseless, sex sells image giving young woman, applaud her because you all recognize that besides the play boy, eyed candy so call job she has, oh and weaving, is about as far as she'll go and call that a career! Now how is that for reality! Hate on that!


She looks like a gremlin or some kind of monkey sea creature with huge flaring nostrils


wats up dirty a$$ bitch


well now they are heating on her because all this money she is making right now. Because they can't do what she do. Big things pop and little things stoppin


It's amazing that so many people have nothing better to do than to hate on my niece. The bottom line is this...Larissa aka Bootz is doing the things and making the dollas that the haters wish they could!! And trust, if Larissa wanted to beat Shay or any of the other females on any of these shows down, they would be beat. Don't hate the playette, hate the game. New York DID NOT dog Larissa out. She tried to make herself look better by putting someone else down cuz she's dumb and Flav dissed her not once, but twice!!


i love u but shay beat your ass on charm school fool i would loveto meet u uare very pretty so get loose and remember shay beat your ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!