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We like Lana Del Rey. But we must be honest: this was a rather weak performance on her part during Saturday Night Live.

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The girl was fresh from the NYC streets. I would probably be just as nervous. Her voice is amazing. She just needs to practice performing live. Gotta give her credit for doing it.


Hi, I love Lana Del Ray, she has a lot of talent. Really think about this when you listen to her. She can do a lot with her voice and it actually always sounds crystal clear and very smooth. Her voice is very sweet and calming. I love all her songs, they are so meaningful and unique. Give her a chance, please!


The hell you talking about Katy Perry and Hayley Williams suck? I've seen Paramore and they're freakin amazing. You cannot tell me Hayley is not entertaining on stage.

@ Josh

THANK YOU!People just jealous -_-


This isn't even bad.. ya'll are fucked


Honestly it was pretty good! I don't know, maybe I think it's good because I used to be a K-pop fan and well... you should check out some lives.


SERIOUSLY? THIS IS HER BOMBING A PERFORMANCE? Yeah, her stage presence needs some work, but this is FAR from bombing. All they had to do was add a mic stand and she wouldn't have been swinging around/not trying to stand like a statue.

@ Lolita



This is AMAZING, listen to Katy Perry live or Paramore's Hayley Williams live(known singers)and they are horrible. Lana Del Rey adds some soul to her songs. She has the talent and the beauty.


I love her! So she had a hosrse voice one night, listen to her songs on youtube, even when she was Lizzy Grant she might have been unpolished but she was still a rare, natural talent, I don't care what anyone says, Lana has an emotonsl, haunting connection to my soul. She is the BESTEST, and she does write, play and choreograph her music!!!


Lana is amazing. This was not bad. Does anyone remember when A. Simpson lypsynched? This girl has so much potential and reincarnated as Lana I think she will excel. I think if everyone knew Lana's back story and about her lizzy days they would not be hating so much.


Just listened to her David Letterman performance of this song and there is a world of difference in the performances. The Letterman one was amazing sounding. This one sounds as if there's something wrong with her voice, maybe she's hoarse or something, maybe just got over some kind of cold or something, maybe just having a bad day or something--listen to the Letterman performance and she will be redeemed.

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