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We like Lana Del Rey. But we must be honest: this was a rather weak performance on her part during Saturday Night Live.

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I haven't seen this since the episode first aired, and having never heard of Lana Del Rey, I remember my first impressions were that a) the song was pretty, b) her voice sounded husky and c) that maybe she was Cockney lol. I just immediately recognized it as a certain style, and I was surprised at the extreme response. Seeing it now, I really don't understand the backlash. There's nothing uniquely egregious about this performance. Yes, I suppose she seemed a little nervous and was a little pitchy at points, but the song is not hard to listen to, and she's certainly not difficult to look at-- in fact, she's very striking. I started listening to Lana soon after this and she's very talented. It really wasn't THAT bad at all, and people were acting like she killed someone. Relax.




This performance is ok.. Blu jeans is much much worse! (She performed 2 songs that night!)


Seriously??? this isn't as bad as the articles are making it out to be. I'd probably want to slit my wrists if I listened to this repeatedly (very depressing) but there is nothing terribly wrong with this performance.


wow i was expecting this to be a HORRIBLE performance, from everything i've heard.... and it's not even bad! she looked nervous &if she messed up that's probably why.


She isnt fake, her music is clearly deeply personal and im sorry but anyone that writes their owns songs are obviously talented, not to mention that voice! Ive heard people actually say her eyes are dead, but if you its pretty blatent that she's being soulfull, poetic and meeningfull. Huge talent i love youu LANA!!


I don't see anything wrong with her performance. Her style and appeal is that she that she sings sad songs.....and that is what she did here. So whats the big DEAL?????????

@ Truu Fan

She didn't do horrible and didn't prounoce some of the words fully, and she just changed the song. It's not the normal way she sings the song. But none the less I love her music.


Fake? Who makes that Anyway, the thread is about this particular performance and it has justifiably been ripped to shreds. However, if the people that have done the most critisyzing were familiar with her style they would probably gone a lot easier on her. She wasn't really too far off from the recorded version and these people don't realize that she sounds kind of bad no matter how its being performed. She's no super talent as some are spewing. She isn't doing anything amazing either. It's slow, dark and moody and shes doing it well enough thst people wantto hear it, although not many. Anyone remember a little lady named Fiona a few years back?? Mix that with a sprinkle of Tori and there you have it...Lana.


Are you people insane? Take a second and google her. She is sooooo fake! She is not from the streets! WTF
Rich dad, stupid lyrics, and cosmetic surgery? Gross, and her music is really really nothing special. I get it, you people are as stupid as most.

@ Sarah

Your hilarious calling people stupid for listening to music they like and denying things that can only be viewed as rumors. The amount of fake artist in popular music is overwhelming so her being fake ( i strongly diagree with that btw) does not need to be pointed out since it's such a commonality. So answer this for me Sarah why do you care so much to point these things out? Do you think people will stop listening to her because you have reveled a seemingly obvious piece of information or is it because you are bored and simply cannot do anything more meaningful with you life. I have some advice dont give a fuck about what other people listen to and only listen to what you like that way you wont have to waste so much time saying stupid blanket statements about people being stupid for listening to music you dont like.

@ timothy

Google? You're criticizing Lana Del Rey because of what you read off of google? Let me tell you something, not everything on the Internet is true. You must be really ignorant to be judging a beautiful talent. Sorry she's not like the trash on the radio nowadays. Actually, I'm not sorry. She has a deep, wonderful voice. She may not be the best, but she does have talent. And she I'd different. And she expresses herself the way she wants too. And you? You're probably worshipping Nikki Minaj, and look at her. No talent, and is praised for being half nude and writing terrible music. I wouldn't even call what she produces music. People need to open their eyes and stop being so ignorant and rude. If you don't like Lana, don't watch her or GOOGLE HER. Wow, haha you're real pathetic. YOU HAVE TO HAVE TALENT TO JUDGE TALENT.

@ Sarah

WTF? Lana is amazing. She isn't fake. Name 10 celebs who aren't fake. Lana Del Rey has a beautiful voice. What do you mean "It's nothing special"?? No one can sing like she can. She is very unique. All of this hate is old. Just shut up and move on.


i love lana del rey and just because her movements were not perfect doesnt mean she isnt amazing

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