We like Lana Del Rey. But we must be honest: this was a rather weak performance on her part during Saturday Night Live.

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If you hold up a magnifying glass big enough, you'll find every flaw under the sun. I don't get what the big deal is. Maybe I haven't seen enough Lana Del Ray to say this isn't her best performance, but I don't see where the "disaster" is. It's not a terribly strong performance, it's pretty "meh" and "just alright" but holy crap, why is it getting so much criticism? Is there really nothing else to talk about?


i love it. uncomparable voice, vocal style, excellent technique. and she's beautiful too. i'm gay... i wan't to become her. ^_^ well done Lana....


Ok..im not even that big fan of lana but SHE DOES NOT SOUND THAT BAD AND SHE LOOKS NERVOUS AS HELL!! I know I am repeating what everyone else is saying..but good god you could see the nervousness if you were blind..its in her voice and everything. Leave her alone she is nervous as hell.


C'mon guys, I'm a huge fan of Lana... I swear! But we can see clearly in this performance that she was freaking nervous, don't forget artists are above all, ordinary human beings, but all these haters make my eyes cry for reading such bullshit spoken from nonsense brains... What's the matter with this little failures? Fuck it, she still rocking with her amazing way of changing the music industry, her sense of art and her huge soul are not minimized by this one and only performance... Enhance your knowledge before judging someone who doesn't give a fuck for what ur saying and won't stop making money only because you didn't like... It was only one more show and only one more way to increase her marketing, these speculations only fills her wallet


I'm recently really into Lana, and I dissed her on this performance way before I had heard the song. This performance was before she had released her album. She sounds really nervous. Her lack of movement, and the waviness of her voice are proof to it. It's not a terrible performance, a little pitchy but still good.


I don't see anything wrong with this performance I personally think It's beautiful. People don't understand something when it's different and it's a shame. THIS WAS BEAUTIFUL.

@ Joe

oh my god, i was cringing through most of this. she sounds like she has a cold or something. there are some parts where it gets kind of good, but most of the time it was just bad.
i have somewhat quirky tastes in music, so i can understand something when it's different. but this wasn't different. this was bad. no offense, but i really don't know what you were listening to when you said this was beautiful, because it definitely was not this.

@ Nicole

Did she miss a note? no.
Out of key/pitch? no.
Do most critics have ANY talent? no.
Did she display her huge vocal range? yes.
Was this an "artistic" performance based on Lana believing the average listener would "get it?" definitely!
Is LDR a huge talent who built such a huge global fan base/following that Interscope HAD TO sign her? touché! Her coup de grâce!!


She was great, and this was the best performance she made of this song on TV. The lighting is perfect for the mood, her dress is sexy and classic, evoking another era (Marlene Dietrich?), and the harp-like sound from the effect on the guitar/keyboard is other worldly, and was absent from her performance on Lettermen, which was just ok. If you doubt this, listen to the audiences response; case closed!


Why's everyone making a deal out of it? She sounded amazing as always


This sounds great! With all the bad reviews I excepted her killing someone.
To my ears she sounds beautiful, but to others shes not your ordinary pop-indie rock singer. Shes different, with a voice others don't understand. Thats okay, just don't blame herself and the people she loves for granite.
This was her 1st performance on national television. She tried her best!


She sucks her name is fake too. Elizabeth Grant, you aren't as cool as Lana Turner and the Del Rey hotel in Costa Rica doesn't want you ruining their reputation.

@ Poop

Her name is fake. So are most performers in showbiz. What does that have to do with anything. All I have to say is Prince.

@ Poop eater

Prince is actually Prince's real first name lool.. Go eat poop.


Well, there is Marilyn Monroe
Bob Dylan
Billy Idol
Freddy Mercurie
Tina Turner
Franky Valli
Now if you don't like any of these people, not even one, because of their stage names, you may have issues, darling.

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