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We like Lana Del Rey. But we must be honest: this was a rather weak performance on her part during Saturday Night Live.

Rating: 3.4 / 5.0 (948 Votes)

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Let those who are too sadly inferior to her, and sore about it, protest that Lana Del Rey's performance was anything below amazing! It matters not, when it is clear to anyone who cares about what it is they're listening to that she is a great and talented young singer and songwriter. Yes, her tone wobbles live whereas in the recording it does not, to such an extent, but this is still mightily enjoyable to listen to. She is attractive as well.


It really isn't that bad. Not far off from the studio track to be honest. She really only has to sing in one tone on that song anyway so I'm sure what people are expecting to be honest. I think it's a great song and if she wrote it she should be proud. Her lips unfortunately look really fake, and she is awkward, maybe she had a couple of muscle relaxents before she went on? Honestly after reading all the hoo har I'd imagined worse!


people that say she was terrible is stupid. maybe it wasnt as good as the studio version.. but it was still really good. get real people and dont nit-pick


Ok, it's not An Evening With Liza, but people are just bored and mean. The song is gorgeous, her vocals are sweet and interesting. She loses her footing here and there, but so what? The audience still gave her a great round of applause. I like it!


Calling it terrible is being a bit melodramatic. You could feel her nerves in the beginning but she got more comfortable, and her songs aren't really conducive to exciting live performances anyway, it's not that kinda of music. She did a great job.


Lana Del Rey's performance was—sadly terrible. It was clear that she was overcome with nerves—bad—REALLY BAD. However, there are videos on youtube of her performing live on big shows in Europe and little clubs and she sung well—there's one video where she's performing in some tiny, fun,cramped German bar and she sound really good—it's pretty clear that place didn't have a lot of fancy effects to cover up flaws. She looks a little nervous there too, but nothing like on Saturday Night Live! Too bad about SNL—I like many (not all) of her songs. Well, as they say—that's show biz!


She wasn't that bad...:/

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