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We like Lana Del Rey. But we must be honest: this was a rather weak performance on her part during Saturday Night Live.

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She wasn't that good :\


Good to see so many people on here are being realistic about this whole 'Lana Del Rey hype'. Her album is awesome, she's stunningly gorgeous (not that that matters) and she's ok live. I'm sure, like any singer, she has good and bad performances and that's ok. If you don't like her live, don't pay to see her. If you don't like her music, change radio stations till her song is over. Personally, I absolutely LOVE her music. Think I might have a listen right now:)


I've seen other performances of this song live. Even though there are very lovely moments in certain parts of her singing; this was a weak performance on her part. I much preferred her live session on Jools Holland or even Jonathan Ross. Regardless, I still love her music and stage persona.


How is this performance weak? I just dont get the controversy, she is ten times the Artist of an autopitch pretender like Rihanna.


I have visited numerous sites which claim that Lana Del Rey is 'rubbish', I just have to post something to defend the band.
Firstly, anyone who has listened to 'live' music, this is a perfect example, it isn't pitch perfect, it does differ from studio versions, the band does have to keep up with the singer (if the singer changes vocals, and not the singer keeping up with the band). I think she has a quality about her which makes me want to listen to her sing over and over again. Her image is unique, yes she's had work done but let's face it in Hollywood who hasn't?! it gives her character. How can people slate gorgeous vocals and witty true to life lyrics like 'love you more than the bitches before'. Bascically I believe they will do well, and I am purchasing the album as of tommorrow!!! I am totally won over by her amazing talent.


Maybe she's deaf, it sure sounds like a deaf person singing!!


What was so the bad about
The worst ever??
So what was Ashlee Simpson ???


I found it very interesting and it still had that haunting quality. People are just in an uproar when artists branch out and don't sound exactly like the studio version,it's sad. She's very talented,her songs tell a story, and give off a vibe.It's what music should be. Was different,not bad.


I found it very interesting and it still had that haunting quality. People are just in an uproar when artists branch out and don't sound exactly like the studio's sad. She's very talented...her songs tell a story, and give off a's what music should be. Was different...not bad.


It's not that the performance was terrible, it's that the song is terrible (and on top of that, when she does that low voice, sounds ridiculous). Nothing against her, but she was a poor choice to begin with. I don't blame her, I blame whoever chose her. She is just not up to the level of a national show of that level.

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