Lamar Odom: I'll Ball Again!

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Lamar Odom has vowed a return to the NBA court. We'll believe it when we see it.

Publicity stunt I do no believe Lamar Odom is all strung out on drugs at all Lamar and khloe are still together in secret ok but has to keep up this stupid sham. The kardashian clan will stoop to any level to put all the deceit out there for the world to see. Finally the wicked cursed kardashian is declining big time it is a time for a serious WRAP to none existence.Not judging, America is just so tired of all of them and the latest is so sad. Kim Kardashian, is using her baby NWTTHP name for a clothing line (EXPLOITATION TO THE MAX)the next wicked mommy of the south. I feel so sorry for this innocent baby whose mommy is going to use her as a door mat for the rest of her life. Sad.


How can these people who have everything going for them be so stupid and mess up their lives like that. What I would give to be in his situation !

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