Lady Gaga-Perez Hilton Feud Continues

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The feud between Lady Gaga and gossip blogger Perez Hilton continues as she says she fears for her safety.

Gaga seriously get a grip. Your not that important and I doubt even a crazy person would care enough to blow themselves up and take you with them. Clearly an ego out of control. Seek help as your attitude is adding to the subtle degeneration of youth culture.


Gagas mentioned hilton, oh a couple of times, whereas hilton has been tirelessly digging at gaga, making fun of her, tormenting her with negative comments, trying to stir audience hatred of her, on an almost daily basis. No, I'm no a little monster. I just note he is a very evil little parasitic twist and now he's attached himself to the next trend..miley. Ya'll better take lessons out there in Perez's world. He's a hate filled little twist who really hates pretty little girls and will turn like a snake to bite your heel.

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