Lady Gaga Hit in the Head With Pole

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Lady Gaga was performing Judas in Auckland at The Born This Way Ball when she got a concussion from being drilled in the head with a pole. Fortunately she's okay. Watch it now.
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2,000 people just look at her and see a psroen who is different from them.2,000 people just see her head and reckon she is a freak.Fortunately, 11,171 people see a bold, courageous, incedible female who has learned to like in ways that so many people cannot, who is blessing us with her beauty, in appearance and voice.We like you Gaga!Keep on rockin'! xx


@joe she wasn't lip synching the song goes
"judas is the demon I cling to"
When she got clonked in the head she missed the lyrics "is the" and hopped back on "demon I cling to"
Something similar happend where fell o f the piano while singing Americano as soon as she hit the floor she continued to belt out the last not ( while still in the floor) hehehehehehe good recoveries


Dude is definately gettin' fired.


Kind of disappointed she was lip synching. I would think from her reaction that it hurt and would have at least stopped singing for a second. However, like a true performer, the show went on without interuption.


some one is getting fired :P

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