Lady Gaga - Born This Way vs. Madonna - Express Yourself

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An artistic expression illustrating the similarities between the two songs from the pop icons that have been described as similar.
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ppl are sucking gagas dick so hard is the reason why others have to go this far to show that lady gaga ripped this off from madonna, you dont have to like madonna cuz im not a fan of hers but its so obvious that this song is not original. Even gagas early work was questioned when her old Late partner (lina morgana)'s Mother attempted (not sure if she did) to sue gaga for stealing her daughters music. gaga can sing, but the fact if she truely wrote the songs she has on her own and its originality is very questionable.


Ok now this is stupid, come on Madonna was her idol since she was a kid, lady gaga changed the cords n not only that she also has a different meaning, and its very sad when a very talented artist like lady gaga gets blamed for copying. It also could be that Madonna is jealous because how popular she is and the fact that lady gaga is very well-kown or she just wants some of lady gagas credit...that's pretty ridiculous madonna, get over yourself...because "born this way" sounds nothing like "express yourself" maybe just the beat but thats it....


This is Madonna all over. Wow, I didn't even realize it, but they do sound so much alike.


Lady gaga isso e um pragio escuntando as duas musicas e as comparando pecebe-se uma copia itentica.mudancas em algumas partes fazer sucesso com as musicas da madona e facil,dificil e um dia fazer o sucesso k ela faz madona sempre.


as soon as I heard this song I knew it sounded like a madonna song but I couldnt think of the name, I just had the words runnig threw my head everytime this song came on the radio. And it matters a little bit. Just like Vinilla Ice got sued for useding the same beat in his song 'Ice Ice Baby' from another hit years earlier, Madonna could sue her in court for useing copyrighted materials that (if) she didnt get permission to use. Thats if Madonna even cares of course. Just saying, stuff like that can ruin careers.


People are trying wayyyyy to hard to see the similarity. It even says that they had to speed up the Madonna one to match GAGA. Why don't we all get a life and just enjoy the music?


I do kind of see it but I think people are trying to see something thats not really there. The words are so very different and maybe she was her muse who knows. I like Lady Gaga's song best so get over it people its not something that matters in the real world.

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