Kylie Jenner Plastic Surgery Reports

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Rumors have been circulating that Kylie Jenner has had plastic surgery even at her young age.

She had the same surgery as Brystol Paylen did, shaved the jowels and chin area, looks like they injected the fat into her lips, then its technically not a face job. I think they made her lips too big, LOL...oops.

@ lydia

She looks perfect as always so leave her alone!!


all that plastic surgery makes looks confused in all those "selfies" i mean, seriously?? is she the queen of selfies or something?? taking selfies is now deemed a mental disorder. its something to do with extreme obsessive narcissism. she is obsessed with herself. wow pathetic

@ freak

I would be obsessed with myself if I looked as good a as her, and I'm sure that you would too. Soo stop talking πŸ˜ƒ


uh yeah, i would expect that kind of dramatic change to happen when a person gets to be a senior citizen, but going from 15 to 16, youre not going to change that much. i mean, when i turned 16, my hips sprouted and my boobs grew a bit but i can definitely tell you that my nose didnt shrink and my lips didnt swell up. sorry kylie. nobodys buying it. just accept the fact that you look more like your dad who looks more like an old lady and be proud!!! you can try to hide the fact that you have a plastic surgeon living in your basement all you want but the truth is, your whole family has undergone the knife including dear ol dad. you just make yourself look silly trying to deny it. you should be proud you have that kind of money to waste on vanity. sad. grow up. nobody cares

@ patience

How about you stop talking because nobody asked or needs you opinion πŸ˜ƒ


It is quite obvious that she has had her lips done that doesn't change as you grow up, you are born with the lips you were given. Kris has had lots of surgery to look like that as she has always had meat on her bones in every picture old and well until she had it all removed to try and look young. She needs to get over herself. Her kids are better looking than she is. Your an old lady Kris accept it and eat wisely and maybe just maybe u will keep the shape you have now without more surgery.


16 year old's can get plastic surgery with parental signature


If I were her and wanted to finish growing up without public judging, remove self from reality show take years off and discover your inner intelligence and beauty.You seem like a smart girl grow into an intelligent woman by going to school find your own loves and make a career out of that. Beauty and fame fades but dumb is forever. The typical naked claim to fame as the sisters has is a recipe for disaster years down the road.

@ Coarsegoldgirl

But obviously you are not her so therefore you have no place to talk😊


but i aint gonna lie i think the father looks a lil creepy!


these girls looks great just the way the were y all the nonsense. Except yourself for who u r not for what u think people think u should look like


these kids need to stop being so vain !! Life is not just about beauty smh


How can they stop with a mother like Kris who is pushy and dominate about using her kids to make money at every turn the girls at this point have no way out unless they want to go live with dearest daddy and who is the only intelligent one in the group and has backed out of the show and stood up to Kris. Bruce needs to step up and stop being afraid of what Kris might do if he filed for sole custody on both his gorls and get them back to a real life, one that includes going to school having real friends and putting the modeling ion the back burner as a second not a first important thing in their lives.


She must think people are stupid.

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