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Rumors have been circulating that Kylie Jenner has had plastic surgery even at her young age.

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I would like to have seen the video to be able to see what she looked like. But half of the screen was covered with an auto advertisement. What is the point of showing a video and not being able to see it. I get it that you want to advertise the car, but why bother with the video that you are trying to show?


SIXTEEN already having plastic surgery to look like Kim Kardashian....seriously? Guess old Bruce and Kris allow these young girls to do whatever they want when they want so how sad because being in the spotlight is not going to last forever.


This kid need to go back to school and get an education. Or have her mother hire an license educator to give her private educational lessons. I do not believe this kid even graduate from high school. She can not help if she is a privilege kid, but if she is fortunate enough not to be spoiled she will get her an education.


I am going to PUKE if I hear one more suck as story about these crumb snatchers I am so so so so sick of anything these uneducated roaches have to say,


Are you kidding me!!.. That is why all of these people are jokes. Yeah you are only sixteen we didnt forget that she did. Do not use your age as an excuse because you cant handle the fact that people are calling you out on plastic surgery. It is not natural changes she looks different. My opinion she had surgery boo hoo hurt feelings my rear. Own it your family is all about plastic not natural from your father, sisters and mother. The only expression you guys have is duck lips and constipated so please own it. You want the fame own your adult decisions you and your family only know how to deny so you should be honest with the fact that you got surgery and in my opinion look worse now than before. she was the only one that was natural now she is as fake as the rest now. boo hoo.


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@ LaraJonnn

Just another scam.


Anyone with a square jaw line will appear like they have gained so much weight when they have gained very lil. Please shes has definitely lost weight and is now wearing more makeup


Her nose may have been done but the noticeable change is in her jaw line. And it's not her cheeks (baby fat) but her puffy square jaw is completely changed.


you make a good married duple.

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