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Kurt Loder speaks about Michael Jackson in an interview after the Dr. Conrad Murray trial and basically said the guy's a child molester.

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who the fuck is this loader shit again????


No one really knows for sure about michael's molestations toward children, only (God) himself knows and so does michael. If michael did molest them boys, then he is guilty before god, therefore he will be punished, and go to hell for it, if he hasn't repented of course. Either way he loses, if he did
Not ask for forgiveness. =,(


Kurt Loder is a pedophile


You guys really think that pedophiles are like Michael Jackson? That holding hands equals molesting? And he molested only two boys during all of his life?Eh, give me a break...


I completely agree. How quickly people forget that Michael Jackson slept with little boys in his bed. It sickens me to hear people say that Michael loved children and this was how he expressed his love. Yes...sounds exactly like what every pedophile says.


Well said Mr. Loder! Wake up people.


It really doesn't matter what Kurt Loder THINKS. Jackson was not convicted of the crime of molesting a child. All one can do is surmise and fortunately, in the U.S., we have a justice system, while flawed, is about as good as it gets! Michael wasn't convicted of anything. Dr. Murray was...and the fact that there is suspicion that Jackson was a pedophile has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that this doctor violated every physician's oath to do no harm...from pandering to the celeb that was clearly and addict to causing his death through poor judgement.


I agree with him... Yes he made good music but he was messed up in the head.


Wow Kurt... sounds like you have some pretty rock-solid evidence there. You saw Michael hold a boy's hand and "heard" that he had sleepovers. Hmm yeah, I'm so convinced. Go crawl back under your rock that fell on you some time in the early 90's. Mr Loder... what a load.

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