Kristen Stewart: Stoned at Academy Awards?

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Some out there believe Kristen Stewart was stoned while presenting at the 2013 Academy Awards. Why? Watch and see for yourself.
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What are we like! the girl arrived on crutches -sore leg notice the limp? that's all that's wrong with her, and I think that she is not a falsie so is that Awkward?

@ Amanda

Kristen Stewart had cut he foot on a piece of glass. According to her make-up artist, she had just come from the ER with 27 stitches in her foot. She was not on any drugs except what the license physician gave her. If you say she was on illegal drugs, then if I were she, I would sue the site for posting such nonsense and bring the doctor and nurses who attended to me along with make-up artist. HIT THEM WHERE IT HURTS KRISTEN!!!! THEN THEY WILL LEAVE YOU ALONE.


I agree....she looked extremly awkward....and she looked stoned but she could of had aloof stuff on her mind who knows what she's going through


Not stoned. She just looks as awkward as ever. She just isn't good on stage. Or film.


She always looks that way...she's awkward.


NO she wasnt stoned, she just looks uncomfortable up there, after what with her issues with Rob and all the tabloid stuff that went on, i would be nervous up there too.

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