Kristen Stewart Goes Off on Paparazzo

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Kristen Stewart explodes at a paparazzi member in this video. She totally curses the guy out!

I don't blame her at all. Everyone seems to forget that alot of times the paps are saying really rude things that are uncalled for just to get a reaction out of celebs, Then of course they only show the celebs reaction while the pap acts all innocent. Most of them are pices of sh*t, just like she called him. I have zero respect for most paps at all.


Good for her!!

@ Tracy

The paparazzi are so aggressive and rude that the celebrities are bound to be fed up. They could bring out the worst in the best people. What a shame! Such as low class career.


She should have kicked him right in the balls.


WHO really CARES... he was't as bad and ignorant and PUSHY as alot of them, so she didn't need to PULL the FOUL language.

@ Geronimo

@Geronimo...You don't know starts with her cursing at him, but how do we know what he did to her prior to that? Were you standing there next to him? Don't you think it's a coincident that it starts right at that point?? I don't...I think he egged her on, and then released the video at this starting point. None of these "papz" are polite; the are all "piece's of sh!t". They hound the celebrities like crazy. I think anyone would eventually go off on them!

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