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Kristen Stewart explodes at a paparazzi member in this video. She totally curses the guy out!

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Stupid pappz leave this.poor young girl alone haven't you, pattinson & slutty kp put her through enough torture fpr the past year? Go on the web check out JUSTICE FOR KRISTEN STEWART all you haters will read just how much false information was written or made up i hope Pattinson gets a dose of his own medicine he & kp are scum from the sewers


Go kristen there should be rules regarding those Pathic blood hounds intrusive behavior to you & other celebs i agree they should all be told to f##k off. I love & respect you


I didn't realize you guys were in on the Michael Pitt fiasco. Another stupid lie told and retold, and retold way after it had already been denied by both people. Yep all she has to do is sit down next to someone of the opposite sex and she automatically dating him. One he has a long time girl friend, two he's way to old for her. and three look at him he isn't her type at all. what a bunch of jerks. you guys should be hung up by your private parts.


And here I was hoping she punched you in the face. I can't tell with your poor video taking ability if she or the lady helping her were telling you off. What do you expect her to say to you when all she wants to do is eat her lunch, get in her car and go back to work. and you have your camera in her face. and then to ask her about Rob, after you have been telling everyone that she is still chasing him, so that is why he has to go out of the neighborhood to get away from her. I would have had lots more to say to you but she is a lady. You and your old lies about her being stoned at the academy awards won't wash with us anymore. It's just more lies to try and make us disrespect her. And anyone who believes your lies and bullying belongs in a funny farm. Oh by the way maybe you need to go back to school and take photography.


shes a complete idiot! ugh cant stand her!


You should get a better video player more than half the time they don't play like now!!


TMZ, major fail! You guys are assholes sometimes. You know damned well she is no longer with Robert Pattinson, but yet you screw with her. Sleazy journalism. She's old news. Not interested. Dig us up some new slime on someone we care about.


you go girl


Good for her!!!!


Good for her!!!!!

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