Kris Jenner to Daughter: Divorce Lamar!

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Kris Jenner believes Khloe Kardashian should divorce Lamar Odom. Do you agree?

All the unemployed comedians out there & you guys make a trash video like this in an effort to be funny??? Puh-leaseee.. PMK can only "demand a divorce" from Ms Bruce! PMK encouraged her daughters to do a lot of things. And she taught them well. The KarCRASHian brand? Oh, you mean ...Brand X. The only responsibility Khloe has to the family, is to keep the name in the any cost. But keeping the family name clean, has NEVER been one of them! What an oxymoron!! HaHaHaHa.


Yes kris i totaly agree with you on that klhoe should divorce lamar odom very much pam johnson mcpherson ks

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