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Kris Jenner greets her audience in this opening from her talk show. Watch her in annoying action now.

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Omg! I just can not believe the negativity about Kris.Kris Jenner is awesome a wonderful bussines women her aggressiveness and assertiveness is wonderful.good job Kris on raising beautiful daughters and a great son. You have come a long ways keep up the great work!!


what the fuck is the problem with some of these people? What did the K's ever do to you, personally? What are you doing here if they bother you so much! "fame whore"? They have a REALITY SHOW like almost everyone else has. People like watching their show and as long as they've got an audience, their show will go on. If people are so sick of their crap, as you say, then why do they still have a show? Give it a shake. Don't get your underwear in a knot there, Sabrina......


The Kris Jenner show needs a new host, shes like a robot...
She's a great business woman but the show doesn't seem like something that will last long....she should rotate with her children


You know what is more annoying than Kris Kardashian or Jenner or whoever the hell she is THIS week? What's even MORE annoying than that "fame whore" ..... is a website that posts "Watch her annoying action now" -- in reference to her bringing out a "fake" newborn granddaughter as a "ratings grabber" on the opening debut of her new talk show -- and then when we are invited by said website to "click here" to view it ..... NOTHING of the sort is shown as "promised". All there is to be seen is the back of Kris Jenner waiting to be introduced to her television studio audience, then walking out front to enthusiastic applause upon being introduced, then thanking the audience for the reception, and then telling everybody that she has a few "surprises" planned for the taping of the show. So .... WTF? WHAT'S the so-called "action" to be seen in THAT??

@ Phoebe

Obviously someone from the Kartrashian Kamp. lol lol


AAaaawww to be you, hun..?

@ MsRoniJ



I find the pimp momanger & her entire trashian clan revolting....WHY CAN'T THEY ALL LEAVE THE FACE OF THE PLANET>>>>> PEOPLE ARE SO SICK & TIRED OF THESE PIECES OF CRAP.....ewwww

@ Sabrina


@ Sabrina

Speak for yourself. Hater.

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