Kris Jenner: So Angry at Lamar Odom!

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Kris Jenner is reportedly furious at Lamar Odom. Why? For hurting the family's brand, of course.

I feel sorry for Bruce, Kris wants to be the man in the family and she will not let him. The young daughters are getting bratty. The only one I feel
sorry for is Kloe, Kris wants to be the manager of the world. Goodbuy
to Kris. This family needs to see less money and get down to what love
and family is all about. They are trashy.


There is nothing that you cant over come get strong and focus,dont allow the devil to ruin this marriage......


I love everyone n this family. Some day I'd LOVE to met all of you. You show the reality of family and togetherness, u gotta work a lil harder on the step parts of the family..I have gone through the same things as the Jenner's boys, it is very hurtful, and I'm not sure if you ever out grow the hurt


Lamar. Is lucky to have a wife that cares. Some gold-diggers out there would take all his money and divorce his sorry butt. Don't let a good women go. Lamar, should be fighting for his life and his wife.

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