Kris Humphries Sweats, Grosses Out Fan

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Kris Humphries is gross! That's the opinion of this basketball fan who tried to touch the NBA power forward.

Kim is so beautiful


@ Beach Bailee, Oh!!!! Sweetie, you took the words right out of my mouth. Perhaps Kris H attorney can hire you for damage control. Team Kris H. ALL THE WAY, I hope he GETS EVERYTHING HE DESERVES, hopefully Lamar can start opening his eyes and RUN, FAR FAR AWAY!


I HOPE KRIS TAKES HIS TIME IN GETTING WHAT HE WANTS! MISS KIMMY, HONEST TO GOODNESS, in any other place would be a Tramp! SHE GOES THROUGH MEN ( Black Men at that) like water runs through a spigot!! But this latest wah wah of hers saying the stress is hurting her fetus and she's having pains!!!!!! I bet dollars to donuts that pain s coming from Kanye if you get the drift! Kim, maybe you shouldn't have So much sex especially the kind that you like! I agree rough sex might cause pain! That poor child in there I'm surprised its not trying to be born now! Kris deserves an annulment ! I'm sure he's embarrassed that he even it caught up in that Kardasian Filth! They r all trash ! Bruce ATLEAST seems to have some ethics and morals ! Good luck Kris and Bruce! I hope both of you find happiness!

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