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Boo him all you want, folks. Kris Humphries didn't care during his first NBA game after splitting from Kim Kardashian: he dropped 21 and 16 on Washington.
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ok! he should not of even proposed, no-one should. You can see it on kardashians all shes about is marriage, THE BIG DRESS AND CAKE AND VENUE you dont here her mention anything about the right guy, just and i quote ANY GUY. its really just for the day!!! dont b dumb, he new what he was gettin into, shes beautiful that all he cared about think hes cool. news flash anything could get up in that ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.........................


Y are they booing him customer Kim decided she's better then everyone wtf man ppl need to get a life they probally screwed so many ppl over not just Kris uggg hate ppl TEAM KRIS

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Kim K. and Kris
Kris Humphries is a power forward for the New Jersey Nets. But that's not why he's included on our website. The Minnesota native started... More »
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