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Some believe this Kmart commercial is inappropriate for the holidays. Do you agree with that assessment?

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What is wrong with this world?? First there is the big demonstration to take Christ (or anything religious) out of Christmas. Now they are up in arms over an underwear commercial!!! There is nothing dirty, suggestive, or sexual about it. They are adorable and actually gives us something to laugh about during all the stressful things going on now. Where are these people protesting when the Victoria Secret women come prancing our the almost everything they're got hanging out? Do they cover the eyes of their 6 year old when that happens? The body is a beautiful thing (some packages better looking than others) and our children get bad impressions about it only because the parents are such prudes and view everything as 'dirty' and probably undress in the closest in the dark. Lighten up and get a sense humor! Meanwhile, you go guys and ring your bells!!!


This is offensive especially around the holidays. You don't see women shaking their boobs on commercials. Its not right for my 6 year old daughter to see it either. Won't be shopping at Kmart from now on.


Love it and it does make me laugh, especially the very last part ting. The controvery is ridiculous. What about the Viagra, Victoria Secret, maxi pads, etc. etc. commercials. What do they do for you?


I LOVED IT!!! ?...Rock the bells! ;)


Love it!!!!&the guys are so handsome. its awesome & it puts s smile on your face merry Christmas!


Wow! I love it! & the guys are so handsome. its adorable & it puts a smile on your face how could that be distasteful?


I think its very cute


Love it hilarious!


I saw this the other night and thought it was hallarious. People need to lighten up, there has been racier things on TV than this. Easy on the eyes too! :)


i thought this was an awesome commercial , makes me laugh , and its sexy too, love it , nothing bad here , eye caandy is good for the soul hahaha

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