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Kim Kardashian has had it with the paparazzi. She goes off on them in this video.

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Just stay home Kim. You ask for all the attention then you complain about the paps. No pity for you or you raunchy family.


I really don't like Kim,but it's just not ok to act like that with a pregnant woman.


wow who else saw that racist comment by maria down there? i feel bad for kim those paps are crazy


welcome to kimmy's shallow shallow world -




to the ignorant comments most people in the world would love to have fame and riches and if not fame definitely the riches. stop blaming her for being fucking human. also it doesn't matter what color people are love finds love and that's all. calm down and stop being jealous and acting like children posting bullying comments!!!!!!! if you don't like her don't follow what shes doing or her family its that simple .


she didnt even snap like this says all she says is close the fucking door but she wasnt mad or anything


I wonder if her Mother is proud of what she had produced in her children. They have 'NO' morals & Love those black men who are brainless. The Mom has been very promiscuous. Apparently, her children all followed in her footsteps. So sad.


oh boy


About time and this web site is a joke expressing yourself about a woman like that scums

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