Journalist Katie Couric has definitely offended Kim Kardashian, and she is not happy about it.

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    Very, very classless to complain about the gift, regardless of the circumstances.


    Kim is just a rich selfish very disrespectful Person all she has ever done is think of herself as this perfect person with a perfect body. But the outside appearance is not what is important. She is so ugly inside. This shines through her outward appearance. I think is awful she gets mad about freedom of speech being used she voices her opinion about everything so should everyone else she just doesn't like the truth being said. In the Bible it says to be meek kind long suffering humble ect. This is something she needs too work on. Especially after her being married and divorced twice and now has a baby and isn't married. There is a old saying why buy the cow if the milk is free. She should look at herself before judging and bashing other people. And not letting her mouth over load her brain.


    I am not a fan of the Kardashians nor do I watch them but then again I do not watch Katie Couric. I think she is one of the worst interviewers on TV and she is just so full of herself. When she gives an inept interview, she calls it letting the world see what is wrong with the person and of course she knew it all along.


    I just THINK all of u should not be on tv what the hell do u do? 1 man after another and u film it and get money then act like ur shit don't stink and get pissed at camera crew that film ur stupid ass! Get over ur self Kim stay on tv and shut up or get off and no one will talk about ur dumbass.

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