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Kim Kardashian gives her take on the economy in this CNBC video. Sort of. Listen to her sprawling answer now.

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Smh, e c o n o m y, Kim not what your doing with d a s h, this family has so much money, they could care less about the economy, did anyone see how many birka (I think that's what you call them) bags were in kris's closet, she had one in every color don't these bags cost $30,000.00 each, and her 14 and 16 her old daughters wanted to borrow one in brown and blue, she had enough birka bags to feed a small nation or be able to drill for water in the countries where they have to walk for miles to even get a little water to cook with or drink oh it makes me wonder, for shame for shame


Kim, ur focus has always been business, n u know nothing about e economy..... It's a pity


Ask her about blowing black big whistles, surely it is where her expertise is.


The question was about the economy, not about Dash. Not about about what Dash (personal tag...Dash) can do or not give to the economy, simply, what she thinks about the economy. You go chick, way to show your EDUMACATION. It is clearly all about you. Post script... The dear in the headlight look, is quite fetching.


Kim shut the hell up please you're not about that life you a dum chick...


You know "they" did it on purpose. She probably doesn't know who she's going to vote for. Those who are rich are our of touch with the "little" people.


Why!!!? Why on Gods green earth would anyone even fix their mouths to ask this child anything on the economic problems of the world?...WITH A STRAIGHT FACE NO LESS! Now you know damn well that that girl is as about as self absorbed as they can possibly come. All she cares about is looking pretty, posing for pictures and her perfume plus her reality television show that is all. Shame on whose ever bright idea it was to make this girl look even more dumb than she probably feels. Some say ,you have to meet people where they are in life. And with Kim k, she's all about herself. Always have and always will be til the day she dies. Or at least til her pretty face gives in to gravity and shrivels!


What does that girl know about the Economy!

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