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During a fragrance launch in Los Angeles, Kim Kardashian was hit by a dousing of flour. Watch footage from the attack here.

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That was majorlt immature and Kim Kardashian has a right to her own personal beleifs and no matter what, they cannot remove that right from her life.


No matter who she is, she should not have been assaulted because she has her own beliefs.


So Malaka. You need to get your facts straight. Kim is not charging the "girl" even though I think she should because how immature can you be to throw flour on someone. And BTW Kim has a "life" in fact she has a really good life. I'm sure she is more business savy then you could ever think about being. I feel certain that she makes 10 to 20 times more than you do. So I think she is doing something right. And she has a nice ASS. And there are bigger and more important problems around the world, maybe your "flour bomber" Christina should worry about those before she goes and makes an idiot of herself. Love Stacy I Love you Kim, Kourtney and Khloe


I like kim...the woman is crazy. Even if kim is a bitch that not a way to act


Thing is, we read it. I bet Ryan Seacrest made another deal with another flour-thrower, not Sacha Baron. He saw what a GREAT DEAL of headlines he got from the Oscar "ACCIDENT". It's all about the headlines ppl, pageviews, Retweets, trend topics, WAKE UP. We need to get tired of this. I am included.


heehaaw she got bombed!!!
o my dayz look how she woz poutin and then... lol
but u gotta admit maaan her hair looked better than before. :P


GO CHRISTINA GO CHRISTINA!!! GOOD JOB...Seriously Kim deserved it and Christina should of throwed a bucket full of human feces! She is charging the girl, comon Ms. K get a life! throw ur fur and stop being a dush bag....ur ass is too big and that makes u blind i guess because there is bigger and important problems that are occuring around the world girl.


Really? And that makes headlines? How sad...


I Agree With Deborah!!


The woman that threw flour was arrested but, The guy that shot that poor 17 yr old boy is still walking free...funny how that works when you are a celebrity .Kim is disgusting, it should have been a bucket of shit thrown on her.

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