Kim Kardashian: First Post-Divorce Interview

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Kim Kardashian went down to Australia immediately after filing for divorce. During an interview to promote her handbag collection, she was asked about her split from Kris Humphries.
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she says "you know" a lot.....


just lieve her alone?i dont like but but it is anofe?you people dont you have your life?just lieve your life and lieve that familly alone.she doesnt know you anymore and you spend your time to injuring her.that is so stupid.she can have all she want with money,you,no.just found your life.


She's a bitch gold digger! That's all I got to say, ain't got no time to right essay for some unreal, fake person. I hate you and your dumb ass nonsense show.


This interview says it all. Khloe and the Kardashians think her only commitment now is to making them money off silly handbags--?? The young woman just got MARRIED!! That's the biggest commitment you can make in life, other than childbirth! Her family never respected her primary commitment as a separate adult!! Khloe, can your avarice at her expense be more stinking obvious??


Running away and not even trying to reconcile is a cowardly, sublegal way to end a marriage! Give Love a Chance!


Great point, Dawn, above. MARRIAGE is her COMMITMENT, under God. But, the Kardashian Klan (read money-grubbers like her mom & Khloe there) only see Dollar $$$ signs. "proud of her"??? Proud of her for making you more money when she's totally stressed out and destabilized??? Proud of her marriage going bad and you urging her to desert her spouse???!!!
Khloe just keeps riding on Kim's panache and fame--she doesn't want the ride to end, so good-bye to competition like Kris Humphries!!


Kim and Kloe are both attractive ladies, probably have a good work ethic, and maybe good business sense. I say maybe because even people w/no real talent can become celebrities w/no real talent on today's reality shows. Fortunately the people who get caught up in that kind of viewing are not representative of the common folk. We are too busy trying to make a living to worry about spoiled, obnoxious,ignorant celebrities that sound like morons in an interview.
Their interview on Aussie TV lasting less than 3 minutes resulted in 16 "you know"s; that comes out to 1 every 11.25 seconds. People that speak publically should learn to speak intelligently. And we do feel your pain,LOL.

Jennifer miller

I knew it wasn't going to work. BOth of them are total opposites. I do believe she was in it just for the money.


lol umm this family is sooo weird !


I usually don't make comments on any website this is my first. But really, Why is Kim Kardashian even have all this attention anyway ? she is a bad influence for girls and women. What she stands for is sinful. She lived with this man, then spent unbelievable amounts of money for everyone to see her and her extravagance when there are so many causes in America and the whole world. She should be ashamed.

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