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Children react to gay marriage in this video. It's very interesting to watch.

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Okay, in the 50s they had TV game shows, where they rigged the winners. They did the same thing in the 70s. Lots of would be actors went on the dating game, posing as, regular people. (I'm sure they are still doing it but I stopped watching game shows,) That kid in the ad, the one with the straight long hair, is on Gordon Ramsey's Junior Masterchef. This ad is rigged. They might have 'some' regular kids on there, but this is a corn fed propaganda bit. No matter how you feel about the issue itself, you are being programmed. By the way, born this way? All you've got to do is masterbate somebody and a vast majority, you will groom them 'this way.'

@ Default+Setteen

Yeah,you are absolutely right.All you've got to do is masturbate somebody and..........wait,what?

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