Khloe Kardashian: Still Wearing Her Wedding Ring?

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Why is Khloe Kardashian wearing her wedding ring? Not because her marriage stands any chance of surviving, according to this report.

I believe that Khloe n Lamar should save their marriage now.

@ Martel Jawuan Owens

Are you kidding? With all the 'outside' relationships he has had? My Gosh! When a wife or husband must go get tested for STD's because of their spouses infidelity, that alone is every reason in the world to divorce! If it were just one time, yes I would agree, try to make it work. But multiple times, no. It's time to move on and safe yourself. Once a multiple cheat, ALWAYS a cheat. I'm just glad she didn't get pregnant by him. All things happen for a reason, and I believe this is the reason she didn't get pregnant. Khloe, move on and make a life for yourself. You deserve so much better, and he deserves exactly what he gets.

@ faith

I think Khloe should end her marriage to Lamar, this situation is very sick and not healthy. How can you love someone who is not honest and cheated on you ? It must be devastated for her to end this,, but she has to move on ... be strong Khloe..

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