Kevin Lanflisi: Aaron Rodgers Boyfriend?

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Kevin Lanflisi, Aaron Rodgers' close friend, is rumored to have been his boyfriend as well.

nojento . os gays não tem nada para fazer?


where there is smoke................


I am disappointed to hear these rumors about Aaron Rodgers being gay. I am not disappointed to think that he is, that is his business, however I live in his hometown in northern Calif, small town. He is well known here NOT to be gay, ask any beautiful young lady in town, they all love him. Let's let Aaron think of football and not rumors. Btw, maybe someone rooting for the Niner's got this going just to give themselves the edge they will need!

@ PleaseyforSam

PleaseyforSam.... I know people from Chico who are close friends with Aaron...Why would him being gay be such a disappointment to you? As for your assumption that he "has to be straight" since "the ladies love him".. One question... who do women love most...
A) their male gay friends or
B) a random straight guy ... DUHHH A!!
The only thing that disappoints me is that he feels the need to live a lie to protect himself from public scrutiny! He is still a great QB gay or straight!! Very sad that he cannot just LIVE!!!


what rogers does in private is none of my business. I resent when people flaunt their sexualty in public. if I grabbed my wifes butt in public she would slapped me in the face, and rightfully.

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