Kevin Bacon Goes Footloose on The Tonight Show

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This is awesome! Watch Kevin Bacon recreate his iconic "Footloose" dance on The Tonight Show.
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Awesome Pratibha but i have a small issue with the second qestuion you asked your daughter in these days of nuclear families right from the start of marriage- getting along with each others families is not that big an issue anymore while getting along with the spouse itself is fraught with so many problems i speak frim my experience of my immediate circle and i see so many friends of mine opting to move away from their parents and start their individual households right from day one of their marriage- and of course with full agreement of their parents- who too feel that this early responsibilty will help their children and also offer them privacy to get to know each other times change, cultures change and new customs keep coming up if even two people stay together without divorcing for atleast three years- thats considered a successfull marriage nowadays sorry to be cynical- buts thats the truth..its all about rights now- no more duties.

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