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Kendra Wilkinson has no love for The Shannon Twins. Listen to what Hef's former girlfriend has to say about his brand new ones.

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I love Holly, Bridgette, and Kendra. They are the show b/c of their diff personalities. You can tell the one twin thinks she and her sister are the new "Girls Next Door" b/c they've worked their way in with Heff, but they are sorely mistaken. I know I won't be watching if it turns into that.
Good luck to the "Girls"!


I'm happy for them moving on, but I dont think I will be watching the new episodes.
I't just wouldn't be the same without them in it. And the only reason Kendra was speaking like that is because she didnt want to get into any trouble dissing the new girls. Maybe if you listen next time, you would know. (My response to Joe) :] It was fun while it lasted.


This is all so stupid!! As IF any of those girls is in love with anything except money and fame!!! That is so disgusting to share a man with others - yuck!!! I would be so ashamed if I were your mother!!!!!!!!


We agree that the girls next door will be sorely missed and these new girls are dumb assed bitches. We will miss the mansion and the girls


I think its totally disgusting that this old man is with such young girls.......he should be ashamed of himself!! Holly, Kendra, and Bridget should be glad they're done with his old butt!! Dirty old man!! What could he possibly have in common with 19 yr olds......gross!!


Those new girls look like complete idiots. They're not even as pretty as Holly or Bridgette or Kendra. The three original will always be my favorites! I'm a huge fan of Girls Next Door and I will not support these new bitches at all! They're HIDEOUS and very uninteresting. Original THREE forever!


You you know....well you know.. Kendra is a huge dumbass. Hef upgraded from that stupid moron


loved the three "original"
Girls Next Door. Alway will.
So Sad, will not watch anything
without them. Wish them well.
They gave so much enjoyment, I
hope they got something out of it.


Holly, Bridget and Kendra, I love you guys. You made the show and changed Playboy. I am going to miss the Girls Next Door. I have being a fan of yours since day one. Good Luck on your future endeavors. Take Care and God Bless!

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