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Easy, Carrie Prejean fans. Just watch this video, courtesy of Keith Olbermann, and listen to what he says. Can you really find a flaw in this logic?

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Faux Carrie Prejean Sex Tape

This is it. The exclusive never before seen video that Carrie Prejean has been trying to keep you from seeing.

On Larry King Live

Carrie Prejean might be the most pathetic person alive. She threw a hissy fit and acted like a six-year old on Larry King Live.

Carrie Prejean on Hannity

Yes, Carrie Prejean masturbated on tape and sent the video to her former boyfriend. She discusses the deed on Hannity.

Carrie Prejean Speaks on Sex Tape

Carrie Prejean defends her sex tape. Okay, not really. But it's still pretty funny.

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Muhahhahaahahaa!!!! Damn those comments are fun to read ^^ seems the retardation of the people is still jammed in pretty deep ^^ Carrie is getting what she deserves ^^ Stuck up religious lunatic who thinks breast implants and doing porn tapes is ok with god but gay marriage isnt ^^ well atleast we will know she will burn in hell according to her beliefs so this wont be nothing compared to that ^^


lol @ all the rednecks getting mad @ olbermann for bashing that useless whore...i love it!!!


Keith Olbermann...Your and ass for critizing a woman that answered a question and then WAS publicly slandered just as you are doing now! You demean her grandfathers contribution in protecting our country and that is pathetic. Maybe NBC should consider firing you...!


Keith Olbermann is a hypocritical left-wing piece of crap who is judging her very badly. Well, jackoff, you judged, so you too will be judged. I don't watch his show anyway. He has a right to his opinion, but not when he using his freedom of speech to demean her like everyone else has. He's a freakin' jerk!


KeitOlbermann as sucked more dicks than Perez Hilton!!!!I hate his fag mouth!Boycott his show!!!Hell let the fags enjoy him!He and his show isnt fit for familys to watch!If you watch his show your kids will grow up to suck dicks just like him!


Carrie Prejean has the right to an opinion, I guess Mr. Hilton should think twice about tring to intimidate people into the furthering his adgenda.

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