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This was awkward for all who watched. In this New Year's Eve clip, Kathy Griffin pretends to go down on Anderson Cooper.

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I've never been a fan. She always seemed desperate for attention to me, and now she's really gotten desperate because her bookings have slowed down. She needs to get a REAL job, one she's well qualified for - like cashiering at Walmart.


for the past few years every end of year these two has been going at it on CNN countdown party. LEAVE THAT GAY MAN ALONE KATHY!!


Kahy Griffin is disgusting no clas~ she doesnt let anyone get a word edgewise~ please getabetter host for Anderson Cooper next New YearEve's !!!! I had to change the channel to Ryan Seacrest because of Kathy's vulgariy!!!!!!!!! Anderson has such classI I'll watch him anyday not her learn some manners Kathy Griffin~ put some clothes on too


@NJG Kathy Griffin doesn't drink alcohol or do drugs.
@critic She's actually in a relationship with a much younger man. Look it up.
@boe - When did Seinfeld say she had no talent? He actually invited her to do an episode of Seinfeld (after already doing an episode) because she insulted him in a stand-up special. Get your facts straight.

@ CynicalOne

Seinfeld invited Kathy because neither of them have any REAL talent. They talk and talk and talk, and sometimes, a few idiots laugh at what they say, but it's not like they have ever gotten any big belly laughs like Milton Berle or Lucy got, or like Betty White currently gets. They just talk, and it's mostly boring.


Kathy G...always a class act! Why does god hate us?


I think next year all the tv stations should keep Kathy Griffin off. She's just obnoxious.


She is disgusting and Gross....and owes him an apology. Is she drunk or on drugs - I can't believe her!


Yes where are the fines? You know how many kids were watching??? Oh but it was ok to sue the crap out of Justin Timberlake and honest young guy that had no Idea a wardrobe problem was going to occur, but he was put threw the blades thou!!!! I see how it goes now. I will say I will not watch next year if she is hosting again. Anderson Cooper is just fine but she has to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@ Chelsea Dogie

First off, Justin timberlake wasn't fined a thing. CBS was. also, if you recall it was Janet Jackson who was thrown under the bus by the media as well as from that double agent timberlake. So get your facts straight lady.


Wonder why she can't get a man?


Seinfeld was right. She has no talent and should have given it up decades ago.

@ boe

@boe - When did Seinfeld say she had no talent? He actually invited her to do an episode of Seinfeld (after already doing an episode) because she insulted him in a stand-up special. Get your facts straight.

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