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Kate Upton gets downright seductive with a burger from Carl's Jr. and Hardee's. That's one way to drive up business.

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Carl Jr's should be boycotted for exploiting females in this manner and Kate Upton should be branded a filthy whore for the rest of her life. What a slut pig whore she is. Sticking your ass up like your waiting for someone to come up behind you. Really. Too bad you didn't get an education Kate. Slut.


Yum, yum, yummy! Great ad!


Shame on Carl's Jr. for selling sex instead of burgers! They must be so desperate and their numbers down that they feel they have to do R-rated commercials to get guys to eat there. Good restaurant chains don't need to sell half naked women doing provocative poses - the food and service would speak for itself.


Pornography?!?! Hilarious! This commercial is no different than any other good commercial. It made me pay attention and actually want to purchase the product. "Sex sells" is the first rule in advertising. To call this pornography is just stupid. Grow up!

@ sampson

Hey Puss - let's put your daughter on that commercial with her bare ass sticking up in the air and see if you have the same perspective. Misogynist.


Oh God, not a sexually provacative ad for something on TV!! It's not like TV hasn't used sex as a mainstay to sell products before!!! Seriously though, Kate Upton is hot in this commercial and God bless Carls Jr for dressing her in classic seamed stockings and garters. If you are offended by this commercial, you're either an uptight conservative, or you're upset because it wasn't a man stripping off his clothes. Best commercial EVER.


I think the ad with Kate Upton is disgusting!! I will never support anything to do with Carl's Jr. again. I am surprised that this is supposed to be a family restaurant ad, it's nothing but pornography. You should be ashamed of yourselves!!!!!!!!!!


I love it!


Ewwww!! Yep, it's sexually provocative AND gross.

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