During this couch interview, Kate Gosselin speaks on how tough life can be in the spotlight. Don't you just feel awful for the reality star and mother of eight?

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    hi these are my wifes comments she has watched this show from day one i love kate i donot know howshe does it. when those kids were small she had a real schedual she had to can you imagin getting every mornin cganging 8 diapers and dressing 8kids and feeding 8kids he was useless he should have stayed at work. out of the lime light.all his complaining obout the paparatsyi had my hands full with one she is a saint. a hutch


    thankgod for kate or they they would never made it this far she is so organizd sure she lookes bossy some times.while he stand like a post.they would never have made it without her dedaction.all the cooking and organic stuff

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