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Kate Gosselin and her teenage daughters appear on Today in this awkward interview. Watch the mother scold her kids now.

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These kids really have psychological problems!


This is not scolding. She seems maybe alittle edgy trying to get the girls to talk. I've done and been their with my kiddos. The girls just got camera shy and kates just trying to get them to talk. Kate said it herself bout not wanting to put words in their mouths but didn't want to sit their in front of the camera and say nothing.


Where's the scolding? Really? Give me a break -


That is not scolding her kids at all, I don't really think so, she seems like any other parent, we all do the same!


Kate is going to talk more because she is the parent. I do too. I don't care for her but some of the hateful things being said are uncalled for. As dor the girls, i think she is just shy and the media is just blowing this while thing up.


That is not scolding her kids. The twins are just probably shy.


once again Kate can't keep her foul mouth shut, I am sure she was on the edge of her seat waiting for one of them to spill the dirt. You could just see how edgy she was. This is another attempt to get back in the limelight forget it you old hag no one cares. I give the girls credit for not wanting to speak. There was a moment when I was afraid Kate was going to slap or shake them . You can tell they did not want to lie. I wonder what went on when they got home.


TV likes sick saa people like this douche bag.. poor people suffer while tjey pay this bitch millions to lie and torture her kids on national television. This world is SAD

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