Kate Gosselin on the Today Show: Reloaded

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Kate Gosselin speaks out on the Today show about Jon allegedly stealing over $200,000 from her. What a train wreck Jon is.

I just ran across this. LOL First of all, Kate is lying once again through her botoxed lips. That account was NOT the bill paying account. See ROL for all legal documents. Liar. If this were a bill paying account, WHY when paying bills MONTHLY, did it take 5 MONTHS to notice? Plus she did steal 100K out of the account herself. LIAR, she was caught about the 100K then came up with the excuse she was 'afraid' Jon would take it? LOL Nothing added up at the time, then the court papers came out and showed what a liar Kate is, once again. PLUS this stupid couple should be shutting up and deal with this PRIVATELY. The majority of the people are SICK of these both of these idiots.


Jon's statements and actions continually display self centered child like behavior. He is not acting like father who cares for his children, but a teenage ego that is out of control. Jon wants to be the center of attention with women and toys. He is upset strictly because the money that allows him to be a self centerd tool has been taken away from him. Now he is throwing a temper- tantrum like a baby. Hollywood needs to stop supplying him the opportunity to keep destroying his family for his own selfish gain.

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