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Kate Gosselin visited Live With Regis & Kelly on August 13, 2009. It's another tear-filled, sort of sincere interview.

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Kate Gosselin always gets her way. She makes this 100% clear on Kate Plus 8.

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Kate Gosselin has a message for the haters: She could not give a f--k what you think.

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On the first half og TLC's Kate Plus 8 special, Kate took the kids to an indoor sports center to get some exercise.

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Why the hell shouldn't shee do what she doing! We all have to pay our bills, and with a shitty husband like John, it must be even harder. I say, make the money while you can Kate.


Get some help for your family. We are all tired of seeing you on the media, your children need time away from this craziness. Get back in touch with your parents and cry on their shoulders. We are tired of seeing you breaking down. Quit kidding yourself, you and your family are not that important to America.


msnbc says Kate is sleeping with some guy named Jared Ohlinger that lives near her. Some one said there was something on tmz too but I didn't see it.

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