Kate Gosselin on Celebrity Wife Swap

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Kate Gosselin on Celebrity Wife Swap, switching up lives with Kendra Wilkinson. The two are seen in clips and interviews.
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Well finally I've heard positive things regarding Kate. Give her some slack she has had a tough life regardless of her mistakes.


Whoppi looks like shes thrilled to see her and Elizabeth I think could care less. And poor Brooke and Joy I guess had to talk to her to eat up 5 minuets of air time.


I think has done a great job. Not only with the kids, but on improving and beautifying herself.It takes a lot of work beautify yourself and then keep it up. Most women say"Hey i had a kid or kids. Here's to you Kate.


What happened to the REAL kate? This fake celebretard is annoying and scary with the fake weave, tight short dress and vapid affected manner of speech. Somebody got delusional since Jon and kate plus 8 first aired.


i respect kate for the person she is as well as a mother. to be as beautiful as she is and to maintain a house of 8 like she does it is something to be in aw of,

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