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An interview of Kate Gosselin for TLC. We'll see what she has in store for us tonight.

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Kate Gosselin has a message for the haters: She could not give a f--k what you think.

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Yes, there are plenty of tabloid pics for these kids to see of their loser dad!!! He has set a TERRIBLE EXAMPLE for his kids and one day they will hear all about it! All relationships have ups and downs but a wise/strong person will work through these. Life has so much to offer when you don't crumble and run but wisely see how to change or work through a situation! That is what builds charactor/strength!!! How could YOU justify what he did and is doing? Have YOU no morals?


OH PLEASE! A GOOD HUSBAND will do more than change diapers! A GOOD HUSBAND doesn't sleep around with a bunch of other women and works problems out with his wife! Have you been paying attention??? This guy's only interest in his children is financial! He has no interest in them. A good father will care for the emotional needs of his children and recognize that they have needs. All this guy sees is Jon! He has made bad descion upon bad descions!


kate still on tv for sympathy. she had a good husband and father for her kids. look at the episodes, he changed diapers, he cooked, he a did all that kate ordered. but jon not good enough to tour with her and sign books with her, she stood alone and dished him. hang in there jon and support your kids. we all know you love them. i wish the kids were older so they can see how their dad is being treated.

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