Kate Gosselin Defends Celebrity Wife Swap, Praises Kendra

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Kate Gosselin defends her actions on Celebrity Wife Swap, praises Kendra Wilkinson and insists her kids were on board for it.
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Kate lied right at the beginning of the interview when she said that ABC for CWS just called her to do the Reality Show. Kate paid for her pilot on CWS through ABC Network because she can't get a reality show anywhere else with any other network. No one wants her because she's too controversial and demanding is what they all said. She also criticized Kendra at the meeting table, Hank Sr. got upset look and told Kendra she didn't need to change. Kate Gosselin lied throughout the whole interview


Sigh..This woman is just so boring. I wish she would learn to speak properly. I have no clue what all the jibber jabber was about. Kate, even though she has lied for years, really is not a GOOD liar. One can tell when she is fudging the truth. I think she gave a hint also for her next great (HA) TV appearance. A dating something or other!! I really want to know why you guys still have her on your show. Seriously, she is NOT talented at anything. Her verbal skills are horrible, her writing skills are horrible, plus her "invented" recipes are actually stolen off recipe sites, and just tweaked a tad bit. Then she calls them "Kate's blah blah". I really wish someone from the network can explain this one day. I am NOT being a bully, nor do I hate her. I am honestly curious why someone keeps throwing her in our face. An attractive woman can only go so far on her looks. She has to have something under that hood. And Kate is rather empty under there.

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