Kar(ma) Smashes Into Kid

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This kid learned his lesson trying to knock another kid off his bike. Karma, and a car, made sure of that.
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that shit is crazy funny, that kid was a fuckin idiot!! haha. im a pro at hittin people wit car doors...jk! but seriously that kid made my day after workin 50 hours in 3 days. so i am now happy!!!! Ya Digg?


Jeesh...How stupid are people? If that dude was smart he would have just tried to push the kid off his bike through the window and not actually open the door like an idiot...That gives a whole new meaning to "Hey Ma! No hands!!"
My only concern is did the boy die, or just in alot of pain?


Normally I don't laugh at the pain of others but this kid def had it coming. Looks like he wont need to buy a bloody Halloween mask....

Nakia d morgan

How can you add the tag LOL to this....this not remotely funny!!!!

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